6 Point Check List to Check If You Can Become a Blogger

Blogging has become a household name these days. From adult to child, everyone is talking about it. Sometimes it is a celebrity‚Äôs blog with spicy news or a politicians post on a controversial topic; blogs keep making their way to headlines. You can imagine the popularity from the fact that even my neighbour’s granny has a faint idea about blogging. It is like everybody possess the important qualities of a successful blogger.

check list

Seeing the popularity of blogging and the fortunes some are making through it, more people are starting their blog. But before you start, I will like you to go through the following list. It will help you in making yourself dead sure that blogging is right decision for you.

  1. You find happiness in small things- I consider this most important. You need to celebrate the small improvements to keep you happy. I know that your aim is to reach Alexa rank of 200,000 in 4 months but an improvement of some 1,000 ranks over a week is also worth celebrating.
  2. You are open to learning- Blogging is ever evolving process. What is new today can easily be discarded after a week. So, you need to keep your eyes open to grasp whatever new that has been unleashed in the blogosphere. You need an open and receptive mind. The day you will think that you know everything in this niche, you have yourself put a big STOP in your way of progress.
  3. You are easily motivated- Bloggers usually work alone. All they have is their system in front of them. In this scenario, things can often become dull and after duration of time, if the expected results do not come; becoming de-motivated is very easy. So, it is important that you keep motivating yourself every now and then.
  4. You are patient- Blogging is a long term process. You do not start a blog to make profits in a year and then quit. Blogs are like wine- the older the better. The results will come only with time you spend on it and for that you need to be patient. It is a must have virtue for a blogger.
  5. You do not freak out on unexpected results- A blogger can never guarantee that the expected results will come. You have to always remain prepared if things go wrong. The main thing involved here is that you should not let bad results affect you. Instead of bogging down, you should restart work on your strategies.
  6. You are not blogging for money- Every now and then; I keep coming on to this point. Never ever the temptation of making money should over take the motive of sharing. The successful bloggers like Darren Rowse and Harsh Agarwal has always emphasized on helping out each other. I am not saying that money making is wrong; what I mean is it should always be a secondary goal.

If the answer to 6 traits mentioned above is YES, go ahead, get yourself a domain and hosting and start blogging. You can become a good blogger. And even if any one answer is NO, rethink. A deep thought always help. And so share if anything is missing here, although I have tried my best to make the list complete.

About Lee Ka Hoong

Lee is the founder of Bloggers Ethics, he writes about blogging tips that lead you to be a successful blogger who has ethic. He also shows you how to blog and how to make money blogging.


  1. Rochelle says:

    Thank you for this, I can’t wait to start blogging. :) I really enjoy reading your blog, look forward to more posts.

  2. Jack says:

    Good tips. Having a passion for the niche you jump into is also quite important, but I guess you pretty much covered it in open to learning aspect.

    • Tushar says:

      Nice to see you here Jack.
      Passion is the most important. A must have ingredient for everything, not just a successful blog.

  3. Nice one. However, this is too small list for a complete checklist. There are many more points which can be included to become an exhaustive checklist for a wanna-be blogger.

    • Tushar says:

      welcome to my blog.
      I will appreciate if you could add on to this list and help the fellow readers around to become a better blogger.

  4. Eric Murphy says:

    every point is good and straight forward. Blogging is not all about money. its about the passion. If you have passion for blogging then money will automatically come.

    • Tushar says:

      Welcome Eric.
      yes, money is the least important thing, atleast for me. Passion will bring you success and ultimately things will come here

  5. Chris McCoy says:

    Ah, so many people must start blogging without realising patience is a virtue, and every small step foreward is definitely worth celebrating :)

  6. Hamish says:

    It’s a good set of tips Tushar.

    Personally, I think that being patient is important. People expect things to happen almost overnight these days – and then get discouraged when it takes “too long”.

  7. This is one of the best article on this blog! A blogger should not always think of making profit from his blog. His aim should be sharing knowledge with his readers! That’s what blogging!

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