Changing Web Host? Time to Do Following Things

This is a guest post by James Smiths who tells you what you need to keep in mind when you are thinking of changing web hosting provider. Web hosting is such an important thing and it may happen that your initial decision while choosing web host is wrong. Changing web host is tough but not impossible and when it is regarding your blog, the sooner the better. Read on. If you also want to guest post at BloggersEthics, please use the contact form.

So you blog has successfully been graduated from a newbie to a recognized brand and as expected, it is drawing a good number of visitors. Now, if you have been using a less than impressive web hosting service where outrange is a regular affair and downtime is a perpetual problem, I must say that the time is up to migrate to another web hosting company.  However, several factors are there that need your considerations before you move your website from one web hosting service to another and some of them are so vital that failure to maintain that can maim your blog’s online presence for long time to come. Lets find out those issues that can lead to loss of online identity:

change web host

Have a Backup:

You never know what might befall, so better safe than sorry. To minimize the possibility data loss, you need to have a backup of your website and the good thing is that, you need not have to learn rocket for doing so. Just copying the entire file structure and dump that thing in a new folder in your webhost. This is as simple as that. But things are not straightforward when your website is not a simple static website. For say, if you are running a wordpress blog, it is a tough nut to crack. Unless you do not want to mess up the whole thing miserably, you need to look for professional assistance.

Change DNS:

This is the most vital part of the entire hosting migration job. However, in reality, migration from one web hosting to another takes less than 10 minutes unless you have done something horribly wrong in the process. The new web hosting will give you a pair of nameservers and all you need to do is to replace them with the existing nameservers. If you are superfast with your PC, the change will be reflected almost immediately. Now, this is where the concept of reliable web hosting service comes into play. If you have chosen a web server that people have never heard before, the change may take as long as 24 hours to get reflected. So, it is always better if you go for a reliable web hosting service and there are some discount coupons available on some reputed hosting companies – so that you do not feel much pressure on your pocket.

Server configurations:

Unless you are trimming your budget further because of the recession thing, we can expect that your website is being moved to a web server that offers at equal or better service. We can at least hope that technical support and server facilities will be superior quality and server outrage and downtime will be a thing of past. If you website remains down all the time or if the server outrage is a common issue with your website, it can have serious issues with your website’s online presence.

Physical location:

This is another vital factor that you should not play down. For say, if your target market is USA, you will definitely not like the concept of your website being hosted in farthest corner of Africa. This is certainly going to help you in the optimization process. So, before you take any decision, you need to make sure that your website is going to get hosted in your preferred country.

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