How You Can Cut Off 15 Millions+ Alexa Rank in One and a Half Month

This a guest post by Okto. He has cited his own example in this post in telling us all how to increase the Alexa rank of our new blog substantially. If you also want to guest post at BloggersEthics, please use the contact form.

Page Rank is somehow important for a blog, but I see the issue will be depend on what your blogging purpose is. What do I mean? At some point a “money making efforts” will required certain page rank to start money making campaign.

In this case I want to share what has happened with my Alexa page rank after one and a half-month blogging with NotOrdinaryBlogger. Yes … this is certainly what I have done, step-by-step, and I will make sure … you don’t need to pay anything and there is no technical matters you must know to cut 15 Millions+ Alexa Page Rank.

increase alexa rank

So are you ready now? ….

  • Let’s start with your mind-set first.

Why mind-set matters? To ease your efforts and strengthen your will.

Now … If I can do this … then YOU CAN TOO.

  • Now, find your reasons why you want to improve your Alexa Page Rank?

There is a debate on the importance of Alexa page rank. Some will say don’t bother the rank but just focus on build your blog through your content.

Other’s will say Alexa page rank is needed to support your “money making efforts” with your blogging experience.

So … in which side are you?

It’s not about which side is the true one but it’s more like how your believe will affect your blogging plans as a whole. Once you had a clear mind-set and plan direction you will know what you should  do with your blog. That is more important.

I myself has encountered that some paid review programs required members to attain a good page rank level whether Google or Alexa. For example : in buyblogreview or reviewme you will find that some advertiser obliged your blog should have at least 1,000,000 Alexa page rank to enrol for a bid.

So if your blog Alexa rank above that limit, there is no chance for you to propose a bid, that mean no “money making efforts”.

There is also a believe that your Alexa page rank will give your blog a better opportunity for advertisement banners. That mean more chance to make money from your blog.

  • How Alexa Page Rank Works?

Your rank will go better if your traffic is good. That is a simple rule how your Alexa rank will improve.

All you have to do is get as many visitors as you can. But this system has the risk, you might not have any feedback from your visitors even though your traffic is good.

Alexa don’t care to much on blog interaction, they just bother about how good your blog exposure in the net.

How Actually You Can Cut Millions of Alexa Page Rank Easily?

1.       Put Value in the Front Line

Keep this point always in your blogging journey. Ask yourself what value you want to give from your post? Why this is matter …. ? If your only reason is “money” then you will easily to reach failure.

Give more orientation to your readers, what value you want to deliver to them. Applying this I believe your blog will have a good exposure on the net.

2.       Post Consistently

To get more visitor to your blog you need to get listed in search engines. Post consistently will make your blog listed in search engines.

Make your own prediction, how many post you can make in a weeks then stick to that.

Don’t push to hard on yourself … the key is to be consistent, because search engines likes consistent updates from a blog.

But you know that sometimes you have a tremendous inspirations so you can make 10 great posts in a week. What should you do? Keep consistent.

Use the time-scheduled post within your blog admin. Having a 10 post in a weeks can ease your blogging efforts. You can set that post for a whole month. For example 2 posts in the first week, 2 in the second week, 3 in the third week and 3 in the last week.

3.       Make Your Post Title Attractive

Use the “How to … “ and “Number … “ guidance. These were the experts guidance, what I do just make it fit with my own style.

Here are some example :

If you see a title “An Interview with A-list Blogger” and “How to Get Thousands of Visitors Daily : Insight from A-list Blogger” which one you want to click?

Now, if you see a title “Things to Do to Get Money Online” and “10 to Do List to Get Money Online” which one you want to read?

This simple rule can help a lot for new blog post to get exposed in the search engine. Once you are prominent enough in your niche maybe this rule won’t work. Why? If you are popular … whatever you write is always attractive. :)

4.       Pay Attention on Your Post Length

Post length take role in creating value to your readers. If you write less than 500 words in a single post then you have less space to provide value.

I myself prefer above 800 words so that I have more space to deliver the value from my articles.

This part take some practices, but as I previously mentioned about mind-set … if you know what you are going after with your blog then you will enjoy to write a longer post.

5.       Know Your Blogging Platform Impact

This is something that many new blogger overlooked. I have two blog recently, one in blogspot and the other in dot com. I have watched the starting rank in Alexa (depends on your niche) that blogspot platform start with higher rank than dot com.

Even though my blogspot and dot com in similar niche but when I started my blogspot it listed in 25 millions+ Alexa Rank. On the other hand with my dot com I started from 18 millions+ Alexa Rank.

6.       Don’t Stop to Build Your Online Presence

Always let the world know that you are exist. Don’t stop to make a good comments in other blog in your niche, don’t miss an opportunity to become a guest blogger, don’t be affraid to make an interview post, and link your posts in social media.

Those 4 simple steps are what I have done to establish my online presence and cut off 15 millions+ Alexa Rank.

7.       Don’t Forget to Sign in

Just in case you forget this part. You need to sign up to Alexa and put your blog profile in it. It’s free any way so don’t forget it.

My Best Suggestion

As you may see I am not install any tool to boost my Alexa Rank. Why I do that? It simple … I want to enjoy my blogging experience. To me, the tool that always showing number is a distraction. It will burst the inspiration on my head, thus I decide not to use it and see what I can do to boost my rank in another ways.

Using all of strategy I have mentioned above, your blog will easily get listed in search engine and that will impact positively to your Alexa Rank.

The first time I started notordinaryblogger in the midst of January 2012 it was ranked 18 millions+ on Alexa. Now, as you can check it show Alexa Traffic Rank: 2,183,007 , Traffic Rank in US: 557,566 and Sites Linking In: 21. And remember … If I can then You can.

That’s all I want to deliver here. Thanks for reading this post. I Hope you can practice the tips and get the best result.

Now, if you find this post interesting why don’t you share it so other can also benefit, or if you want to ask more or share your experiences I would be more than happy to hear it in the comment box below!

About the Writer :

Oktorian S. Hakim is a blogger from Jakarta, freelance writer, and founder of notordinaryblogger. Go to his blog and find more about how to build a blog for a passive income purposes in smart and easy ways.

About Lee Ka Hoong

Lee is the founder of Bloggers Ethics, he writes about blogging tips that lead you to be a successful blogger who has ethic. He also shows you how to blog and how to make money blogging.


  1. Okto says:

    Thanks Tushar, I hope this article will benefit bloggersethics readers

  2. Osho Garg says:

    I Start This Blog In Feb 2012 Just Check Alexa Rank :)
    Alexa Rank Decrease Very Fast If You Have Visitor With Alexa Toolbar, Alexa Widget Installed And Google Visitors

    • Okto says:

      @Osho Garg : Great for you. I am totaly agree with you, but I am looking deeper at what a blogger can do to get more than just a “rank”.

      As I stated above, numbers is somehow a “distraction”. It can burn out inspiration which is also important for bloggers to keep blogging.

      Having all the “tips” above you will not only get lower Alexa rank but also a good productivity as a blogger.

      I just want to search more … that’s why I haven’t installed any Alexa tools in my blog :)

      But if you can combine both “the tools” and productivity I believe the result will be excellent.

  3. Lisa says:

    I think the lessons you provided above are not just for Alexa ranking but for being indexed well by Google and Google Ranking. I’m not sure if I believe 100% in Alexa but I do have their widget installed on my websites. I have read 300+ words is good – you prefer 800+?

    • Okto says:

      @Lisa : That’s what happening … . I guess we have the same perception :)

      I don’t bother to much on how good my Alexa rank is, but having a good rank is “additional bonus” that you can get from providing good posts update.

      I prefer longer (800+) because I only make updates (at least) once a week and I want more space to provide something to the readers :)

  4. You will be within top 1 million if you just go on commenting in Blogging related communities

    • Okto says:

      @Bishwajeet : You are right. In fact the stats I showed in this post was not actual one. Now … the stats is better. And making “comments” on related blog niche’s is one of my favorite things to do. :)

  5. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    Oktorian, I think these tips will not be only improving Alexa Rank, it will also increase your blog brand when you write quality content, also it will drives more traffic to your blog as well, then it will improve your search engine ranking indirectly too. Between, 800+ words article would be good, but try not to be too long because readers tend not to study an article for too long and it may drive them off. A 500-600+ words article is just nice for me.

    Anyway, keep going Oktorian, your Alexa Rank will hit 100k+ very soon.

    • Okto says:

      @Lee Ka Hoong : Thanks for the tips. That’s right reader can leave easily if the article is too long.

      But we can analyze that through traffic analysist, particularly the “bounce rate”. If the percentage kept low, that means the reader enjoyed it. But if not, then something should be done to fix it. :)

      Post lenght is alternative though. If we enjoy to write longer, then keep it, if we don’t then write shorter. How blogger can enjoy writing is more important rather than a post lenght. As I mentioned, I prefer above 800 because I am feel enjoyable that way, moreover I feel I have more space to provide value.

      I believe valuable content will drive traffic. So if we can provide value with a short article that will be great. But for me it’s hard if too short.

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