So What Do You Do After You’ve Created Your Post?

So what do you do after you’ve created your post? Have you ever thought about that? I’m afraid that I must admit that I hadn’t really thought about what I should do. Actually, once I finish one post, I am looking at what I can write about for my next post. Someone recently pointed out to me that creating the content is just part of the picture. The whole picture includes getting traffic to what you have written. So as much as the statement that “Content is King” is true and important, there is more to the story. It is the rest of the story that we are going to focus on today and over the next few posts.

Thanks to what was originally known as Web 2.0, there are a lot of ways that we can let others know about what we have written. Thanks to Social Media, the world seems to know what everyone is doing. So why not let them know what you are doing, by posting your content to some of these areas. Of course, we have Facebook and Twitter. These are just two areas. Don’t stop there though. An up and coming site is now Pinterest. Of course there is also YouTube.

If you just start with these four sites, and let your readers or followers know about the posts that you have written, you will be excited to see the amount of traffic that will come and view your post as well as your site. So even though I have mentioned the sites, you may be wondering exactly what you need to do. Post the url of your blog post to your Facebook page. Tweet the url to your followers. Let them know that you have written a new blog post and let them know what it is about. The more that you do this, the more that you will become the next authority the other folks will go to.


  1. Dean Saliba says:

    Once I publish my post I do a bit of promoting to get the post ‘out there’. :)

    I can understand your eagerness to get on with writing another post though but promoting your current post is very important. :)
    Dean Saliba recently posted..7 Common PPC MistakesMy Profile

  2. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    @Dean Saliba,
    You’re right, promoting current post is important though, at the same time we interlink older post in the latest blog post, we shall get more exposure and make our blog more sticky. :)
    Lee Ka Hoong recently posted..4 Important Tips for Building Great BlogsMy Profile

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