What Can You Do With Your Post?

In our continuing discussion of what you should do after you create your post, today we will look at what you can do with your post. One of the things is that you can submit your post or the content that you have created to other sites. These sites may include other blogs, other websites as well as other community news sections or other communities. Now it is important to remember a couple of key ideas. Let’s take a further look at what these key ideas are.

You don’t want to be considered a spammer. What that means to you is that you shouldn’t just find any blog and submit your content. You want to be a part of the blog or community. This will vary from site to site and from market to market. Read other people’s posts first. Comment on these posts. Make sure that your comments are offering some value to the readers of the blog. As you continue to do this, people will get to know who you are. Little by little, you should then start submitting your posts. Most importantly, make sure that your posts and content contain a lot of value to the reader. A lot of blog posting is involved with building relationships and trust with your readers.

Make sure that you offer value to the blog or to the community. As you show that ability to offer a lot of value, you will find that people may consider you to be a source or an authority on the subject at hand and you will find that your content will bring you a lot of rewards. You may be wondering about what sites you can submit content to. There are a lot. Let me list a few sites here that you can go and research to see how they might fit into what you have to offer. We have BlogEngage.com, Blokube.com, BizSugar.com, ImNewsWatch.com, Inbound.org, Serpd.com, FamousBloggers.net and MySEOCommunity.com. Take a look at each site and then look to see if they have a community section that you can get involved in.



  1. Dean Saliba says:

    Very good advice, I would also say that if you are going to submit your content to other sites as well as your own blog then you should alter it slightly.
    Dean Saliba recently posted..AddMeFast Increases Subscribers But Not For LongMy Profile

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