What is an RSS?

Real simply syndication or rich site summary, also known to bloggers and webmasters as RSS is a way for them to get their articles out to others. This is done through the use of RSS feeds. Summaries of these articles get to their readers  through these feeds. In each summary you will usually find a headline, the summary of the article and then a link that will take you back to the article.

Now that we know what an RSS feed is, now let’s take a look at what RSS feeds can do for webmasters. Websites must contain fresh and new content for their readers. Website owners want readers to come back to their site. With the use of RSS feeds, the webmasters can update their sites with updated and new articles so that their visitors will continually come back to their site. This will also help the sites get higher in the search engines. The RSS feeds also provide an automated way for articles to get delivered to the site.

Next, ¬†let’s see how can website viewers benefit from RSS feeds. When people that are surfing on the Internet are looking for something, the RSS feeds really come in handy. RSS feeds help readers quickly find specific information. They can quickly scan the article titles in the feeds and find what they are looking for. They can scan through the information and pick out what they are looking for and what they might need. They can choose what feeds that want to look at. They won’t have to worry about finding any spam.

Finally, if you are a developer of content, can RSS feeds help you? The answer to that is a definite yes. Thanks to the feeds, the content can be syndicated. This means that your articles can be seen by a lot more readers. You immediately gain great exposure. This gives you another communication source as more readers have the opportunity to see your articles. This additionally gives you an automated way to have your content delivered.



  1. Dean Saliba says:

    RSS feeds are great, it is thanks to this handy little thing that I don’t have to spend my entire day waiting for blogs like yours to publish new posts, I simple check my RSS reader once or twice a week for them. :)

    I am wondering what will happen when Google turns off the Feedburner API on the 21st, none of the plugins people use to display their count will work anymore. :/
    Dean Saliba recently posted..September 2012 Blog Income ReportMy Profile

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